DWG24 is the signature digital workplace online event, broadcasting from around the world over 24 hours and TOTALLY FREE to join! This year's show will be the seventh that we've hosted since we first aired back in 2008. Join our world-renowned hosts from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific as they take you live into the digital workplaces of the world’s leading organizations, with live tours, demos and inspiring guest interviews.

Discover the digital workplace you deserve!

Don’t miss the digital workplace festival of the year - totally free!

  • See live into 30 of the world’s best digital workplaces
  • Take away actionable ideas for your next project
  • Tap into the insights of more than 50 leading experts, minds and leaders
  • Watch and listen from the convenience of your desk, a beach cafe - or wherever you can get online
  • Save money, climate impact and stress by eliminating travel and hotel costs – there’s no need to go anywhere